Monster Planes USA: 2013

Monster Planes USA

    • Total Length:
    • 1 Hour 41 Minutes
    • Format:
    • HD+
    • Monster Planes USA is the first US event held just for the biggest R/C airplanes that dare to fly!

Included Videos

Monster Planes 2013-00000
Monster Planes 2013-00000
Hawk 100 Inflight
Hawk 100 Inflight
Product Details
  • Monster Planes USA is the first US event held just for the biggest R/C airplanes that dare to fly! Pilots and spectators come from all over the US & Canada to attend this annual event in the Florida sun. Held at Lakeland/Linder airport in Lakeland, FL, this event was flown on it's own specially prepared runway at the airport. Highlights include: Tom Czikk's Corsair, Edwardo Esteves P-47 & B-17, Scott Marr's A-10, F-100 and Hawk 100 jets, Mike Barbee's Cub, DC-3 and T34, Bill Conklin's 50% Christian Eagle Phil Coopy's SE5e and Heinz Ayvaz's 50% Decathalon. From Jets to Biplanes this event has it all, so get ready for one monster of a show!

  • Monster Planes 2013-00000
    Length 1 Hour 32 Minutes
    Format HD+
    Aspect Ratio 1.778
    Language Unknown
    Hawk 100 Inflight
    Length 8 Minutes 43 Seconds
    Format HD+
    Aspect Ratio 1.778
    Language Unknown
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  • Length:
    1 Hour 41 Minutes
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    1080p *
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    Autos & Vehicles, Entertainment, Jets, Scale, Sports, Travel & Events
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